Illustrated Timeline

What happened when a dream machine became the vehicle for a company’s timeline.



A company commissioned artwork for a timeline that was to be exhibited in the company lobby. They wanted something that would communicate the company evolution, both internally to employees and externally to clients.

The company desired a solution that would convey both the company’s history, as well as their achievements to date. A greater part of the request was to somehow articulate the vision that kept them driving forward.  

With 3 walls to fill up and project stakeholders who wanted different outcomes, gaps in the content and non-defined areas of company growth/scope, there was a definite challenge ahead.



Our team gathered all available historical documents, and conducted interviews with employees with long-standing institutional knowledge. The goal was to establish an overall narrative and fill in the gaps.

Over a series of weeks the team identified “brand ambassadors” who had a significant sentimental stake in the company and shared many stories that were not necessarily of business value but added character to the idea of what the company was.

Within each department there was an origin story that emerged. All the stories attested to the living spirit of co-presidency which was the axiom of the company at the time.



The company was moving away from antiquated “tech” culture, but they valued aspects such as being detail oriented problem solvers, makers and builders. Using the metaphor of a machine was way to visualise the company’s inherent spirit.

This elaborate machine upon close inspection, demonstrated the moving parts that were integral to the evolution and the identity of the company at that time. Utilising the flat vector monochromatic design trend that was prevalent at the time was integral in creating a visual language that was easy to understand, recognizeable and appealing.

A  triptych of 6X5 foot vinyl illustrated panels was the working solution, the sequence showed 3 key phases of development that the company had undergone. Major milestones in its history, layered with the “easter eggs” provided by insights from alumni and brand ambassadors were intentionally placed